Believing that God has called us to bring glory to Him in our service and our understanding of poverty and relationships, The Word at Work typically has a three-phase approach for our teams traveling to Belize. Vision Trip - Short-term Trip - Long-term Plant

Vision Trips

These trips were designed for two reasons:

1. For new churches wanting to serve in Belize - seeking where God is at work and how their group may join Him.

2. For adults with a heart for missions who may not care to get sweaty on a building project or be around the noise and excitement of big projects but have a heart to share their gifts in a particular area of service.

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Short-Term Trips

Team Trips are thoughtfully and prayerfully designed to meet expressed needs of our friends in Belize with unique resources found in the gifts of your team members. Trips may have a specific focus on construction, evangelism, medical, dental, leadership development, job skills training, prison, or orphanages. Most trips involve a combination of several of the above.  

Lodging arrangements are made based on the area where a team serves.  These trips also conclude with a debrief experience, one of the hallmarks of our ministry.  

Important Information

Passports and Visas

Passports are required to enter Belize, Visas are not.

Please be aware that according to the US Department of State website, "When children are not traveling with both parents, immigration officials often request documentation to establish the children are traveling with the permission of both parents.  Such documentation may include notarized letters from the parent(s), custody or adoption papers, or death certificates in situations where one or both parents are deceased."


Communication is never a problem in Belize. English is the official language of Belize and the mode of instruction in all its schools.  60% of the population is bilingual (mostly Spanish/English).  At least 30% regard Spanish as their mother tongue.

Shots and medications

We follow the Center for Disease Control’s guidance for travel to Belize:

We do require team members to have a current tetanus shot.  

We also suggest you check with your primary care physician should you have further questions.

Who can go

Inquirers should know we are overtly Christian in our approach to doing missions.

We strongly encourage teams that are intergenerational in nature. 


Planning an overseas mission trip can be daunting...but we are here to help!

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