The Word at Work's mission is to honor Jesus Christ by connecting resources with needs and people with opportunities to serve. 

Our Board of Directors is comprised of men and women across the US who support our mission and desire to see it grow into God’s unique vision for us.  Our small Staff  is able to facilitate teams in Belize, keep things up and running in the US, all-the-while empowering Christ-followers to find their potential by serving His people.

God is at work in Belize and He calls us to join Him in that work, empowering us in a unique ways to match needs and resources. Our work complements, adapts, supplements, and encourages Belizean ministries in their work for those in need.

Experience and conviction have led to our understanding of how to facilitate a God-empowering short-term experience. One that builds up and transforms the traveler while advancing the cause of the local mission. In the process we're being blessed more than we can imagine, inching up on Jesus' promise, "I have come that they may life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

Tim Tam - Executive Director

As a teen in the northern suburbs of Chicago Tim Tam, Executive Director of TWAW, began his journey with Christ through the ministry of Young Life. Throughout his college days he was involved with youth programs and Bible studies leading the New Trier Young Life Club where he served for 8 years. In 1979 he graduated from Trinity College in Deerfield, IL where he majored in biblical studies and psychology. In 1980 he joined the staff at First Presbyterian Church in Evanston, IL as Director of Youth Ministries. While working there Tim participated in several mission trips and projects. He realized the immense value of these activities not only for the recipients, but also for manner in which they transformed the participants. Involving young people in mission became a focus of Tim's ministry. He left Evanston in August of 1988 to further his studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he earned his Masters of Divinity. After graduation he, his wife (Lisa) and three children (Cara, Josh, and Nate) moved to Amarillo, TX where Tim served as associate pastor of Youth ministries and adult education at First Presbyterian Church.

While serving at FPC Amarillo the mission to Belize took on a life of its own. What began as a spring break mission trip rapidly grew into an independent 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2002, TWAW now serves as an interdenominational ministry engaging hundreds of volunteers each year from across our nation, impacting tens of thousands of lives in Belize.

Today Tim continues to live in Amarillo with his amazing wife, Lisa, and travels frequently to Belize.

Kenny Logan - Project Manager

I was born September 17 1969 in Monkey River Town, Belize into a large family hence the joy of work was taught early on the small farm we had. Fishing was also a part of every day life. I attended elementary but not high school. At about 17 years of age I gave my life to Christ and I started working in the construction industry. This became my joy and building with my hand gave me a sense of purpose.  I am very much self-taught in all the areas of house construction. In 1993 I was offered a scholarship to study Theology in Barbados and graduated top in my class.  I was later ordained as a pastor and served in that capacity for about 7 years.  1999-2001 I was the construction supervisor for Habitat for Humanity Belize and helped build 14 houses.  Then I went to the USA for a while and was planning to start life over there but on a short trip home I met Tim Tam and volunteered to work with his group if I was available.  Well, I am still available doing the thing I enjoy doing. So every day I go to work at my hobby. Yes, our God is good and has a big sense oh humor. And I am just his servant, so pray that I may continue to do so.

Tim Hagen - Redemptive Recycling Coordinator

Tim Hagen grew up in Amarillo, TX and was a boy in the youth group at First Presbyterian Church Amarillo while Tim Tam was youth minister there.  He took his first trip to Belize with Tim Tam as a high schooler in 1995.  He met his wife Ginger at Belhaven College in Jackson, MS.  They were married in 2000 and have two children so far—Lulu and Walt.  Tim began working for TWAW in 2009.  The Hagen’s attend St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Amarillo and enjoy travel, puzzles, and good food. When Tim is not working for TWAW he might be found in his shop working on a piece of custom furniture.

Mollie Swafford - Operations Manager

Mollie joined us in January 2012.  Mollie’s background includes years of organizing and administering day-to-day operations for churches and nonprofits, leading short-term mission teams, and empowering others to find their gifts and share them with others in need.  Most of her professional life she’s been organizing one pastor or another,  “God is so good and He has such a sense of humor – just when I thought I was done keeping pastors organized, He brought me Tim Tam!!  I believe God is up to something truly unique and powerful at The Word at Work.  It’s a privilege to watch Him move in the hearts of His people as we serve side-by-side.”  Mollie married her husband, Mike, in 2015.  They share a daughter, Whitney, and her husband, Reed, and two sons, Andrew & Wilson.   (It’s a great story – she’s happy to share with you!)

Jose Chepito Valencia - Assistant Project Manager

Born in San Salvador after parents had left home in Aguilares because of war.Came to Belize when six months old and have lived here ever since. I live in a beautiful community called the Valley Of Peace in the cayo district. I am the 5th of seven siblings.  As a young boy, every weekend and holidays we would join my dad in the farm, planting different crops and taking care of them.Went to school in the valley of peace, high school in Belmopan and junior college in Belize city. I am happilly married to my wife Patricia and am a proud father of three: Christian, Sophia and a third that we await. (its a boy) For ten years i was a primary school teacher, which i enjoyed a lot( served in the valley of peace and st. margaret's)  but now God has given me an opportunity to serve in a different manner. (THE WORD AT WORK) 

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.  wherever i am needed to serve, let me serve under your guidance."

Board of Directors:

Geoff Wright
Ron Allen
Rodger Hudson
Janie Thomas
Marshall Dawkins
Drew Allen
Mary Zickefoose
Kurt Oheim
Derek Osburn
Danny Crow



Our aim is to build up and empower, not to cripple or lower self-esteem. Therefore we take care to assess needs, then encourage our partners to step up. We place a higher value on training, than on doing. On development, than on charity.


To foster Belizean empowerment: we give the people of Belize a voice in expressing their goals, their assets, and their needs. We encourage our Belizean partners to lead and our USA partners to play a supportive role.