The Word at Work is committed to helping you organize your trip successfully. Team Leaders will work closely with our Trip Coordinator in the 90-days leading up to your trip. A TWAW Representative will be with you while in Belize.

We believe God has prepared works in advance for us to do and He leads us through the process of discerning His will and taking action (Ephesians 2:10). God is at work in His world; our desire is to join Him in that work wherever He leads us to BE the Word at Work.

Our Ministry’s Goal is to further the work of God’s kingdom by fostering relationships that are based on humility, accountability, and sensitivity. Working in unity with all Christian denominations, we seek to connect team members and our friends in Belize in ways that are mutually beneficial for spiritual growth.

Our Leadership Role in your trip is flexible—we can provide intense leadership including pre-trip orientation, and facilitating every aspect of your trip or we can also provide contacts and minimal leadership for churches that have a lot of experience ... or anything in between!

The design of each trip begins with assessing your team members gifts, passions, and strengths. We then match your assets with the needs that exist in Belize. Our staff will work closely with your team to find a good match for you. Remembering our Growth Plan that encourages Vision Trips followed by return teams who are seeking a specific area of ministry and eventually sending long-term missionaries, we ask trip participants to complete a gifts assessment to help identify their spiritual gift and how it may be utilized in ministry in Belize. In addition, our staff works very closely with your team leader to design a trip that is tailored to your gifts, skills, passions and resources. 

The following documents are essential for Team Leaders:

Team Leader Guide

Team Member Guide

Selecting Your Team

Getting Your Team Ready

Ideas for Team Building

Social Media Guide

We’ve compiled a list of suggested reading for our teams and leaders … let us know if you’ve got a title to share as well!

Foreign to Familiar, Sarah A. Lanier

When Helping Hurts, The Chalmers Center (several curriculum are offered with excellent videos for small groups and mission team preparation)

Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission, Christopher L. Heuertz

The Hole in Our Gospel,  Richard Stearns

Toxic Charity, Robert D. Lupton

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Thank you for your request - we do our best to schedule teams at their request. Vision trips are scheduled on an as needed basis by TWAW.