Surgery is Next Week!!!

 Dallan goes in tomorrow for a CT scan of his jaw. This is to confirm once again where the tumor is and how much they need to take to get it all and leave some margin. It is also the means by which they will get the measurements for his prosthesis. That will be sent to them immediately following the surgery to start that process. It will also give them measurements for a stainless steel bar that will be inserted to hold everything in place until the prosthesis is put in.  Dallan has waited for this day for a long time, but he is still apprehensive. We plan to have friends and family from church come over on Sunday night to lay hands on him and pray over him. It will also be a time for him to share his thoughts and fears.
 The surgery will be on July 12th at between 11:00 AM and 12 noon. We won't know for sure until the night before. Dr. Higley said to allow 4-5 hours for the surgery. It might be shorter but he didn't want us to worry if it took that long. He said he did not think he would need to go to ICU but that was a possibility. He anticipates if all goes well 2-3 days in the hospital. From that point Dallan will be on a liquid diet. The next surgery will be approximately 90 days later. 
There is lots to pray for with this procedure. Dallan, of course. His fears, pain, recovery, etc. Please pray for the Dr.'s involved and the nurses. Dr. Ryan Higley, Dr. Josh Demke, and Dr.Rob Minielly. Please pray for the CT scan and that they get ALL of the tumor. Please pray for all the staff of Covenant Hospital and the board of Covenant Foundation. Please pray for donors and donations. Please pray that God be glorified by all that happens here.
God Bless,