Update on Dallan – First visit with Oral Surgeon.

Today Dallan met with Dr. Ryan Higley for the first time. Bev, Dr. Ron Smith, and myself accompanied him. Dr. Ron Smith has been a Godsend to get Dallan connected to Dr. Higley. Dr. Higley and his staff are so professional and accommodating and spent 2 1/2 hours with Dallan. They discussed all the previous procedures, his overall health and history. After taking a CAT scan (necessary for the building of the prosthesis) and x-rays, Dr. Higley examined Dallan's jaw. The x-ray revealed that the tumor has grown since the previous x-ray in Belize. The examination confirmed that. 

Five teeth must be removed tomorrow ...  The tumor attaches to the bone and has fingers spreading so it was very good we got Dallan up here now. Dr. Higley said we are going to adjust procedures as we go according to how he does and how many problems they encounter. He said there might be 3 procedures with two of them being major.  The prosthesis will take 12-14 weeks to build but they are sending everything off asap so that can be done while they do these other things and he heals