Update on Dallan – Mid-May

Dallan is here and slowing adjusting to life in our household. I think it was a really good idea to bring him up early. He has been very excited since he arrived and stays up late but gets up early. I think daylight savings time is having an effect on him as well. His overall health seems good right now and he is free from pain ... He is very thankful to God for all those He has placed in his life. He is excited and apprehensive at the same time about his appointment. He gets along well with everyone he has met and is very willing to introduce himself and strike up a conversation. Right now I am thanking God for bringing all of us together to assist Dallan in the name of Jesus. Thank you all for what you are doing or have done to this point. I will keep you posted.
God Bless,

Since his arrival Dallan has been cold. I keep our house at a comfortable 68. Dallan thinks it may snow inside any day now. Thank goodness we have a separate heating and cooling system on his side. It is about 80 over there. Dallan is a chicken connoisseur … when I was distracted he ordered a chicken fried steak, thinking it would be chicken of course. He only ate half of it. Ha Ha. I got back on his good side when I took him to the China Star buffet. He was amazed at how many ways they fixed chicken and also that we had Chinese people in Texas. He thought they all lived in Belize.
Earlier today before the appointment he asked me how far it was to Louisiana. I told him about 12 hours driving and asked why he wanted to know. He said he wanted to go see the lady on TV that cooked that special Popeye's chicken and eat some. Soooo... tonight after taking him to our Teethsavers Board Meeting and introducing him, Bev took him to Popeye's chicken for his last meal before having his teeth pulled. He is happy.
Please ask everyone you know to continue to pray for Dallan, Dr. Higley and supporting staff, and provision for all these procedures and the prosthesis. God is good!!